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Must Watch Sad Story Of Ethiopian Girl Who Return From Arab Countries

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Ethiopia is one of the countries where most of its citizens are being persecuted. Thousands of its people, especially the young, are often emigrated to the Middle East and South Africa. Ethiopians face imprisonment, torture, rape, and most of them become wild and seaside. In the past, the youth were said to have been largely emigrated from Ethiopia because of political oppression. Yet, persecution was not thwarted when political pressure was eliminated. Officials returned citizens from various countries, including Prime Minister Hailemariam, to Ethiopia, but the youth continued to be deported. In a recent report, HRW announced that more than 250,000 Ethiopians have returned from Saudi Arabia in the past two years alone. It is not clear what is happening to these returnees, but many of them are said to be severely tortured while trying to flee. The country does not appear to have adopted a “positive” policy to end the cycle of persecution for Ethiopians. Experts study immigration as a “cause of persecution” in addition to the political pressures of unemployment and the love of living. A clear government and all concerned parties to eliminate these and address persecution Did you plan? We ask. Our discussion is about the problems that Ethiopians emigrate, their problems and their solutions. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) involved in the discussion, Mr Amemahu Seifuslassie, is a public relations expert in Ethiopia, who wrote a book on migration and migration from Ethiopia to South Africa. Having been in the United Arab Emirates for seven years, they have seen the persecution of Ethiopians in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Beirut, Qatar, Kuwait, and now, They are also good news, 101.1 FM “radio station on hope are pointing in the work of Abyssinia ‘for extending the radio program lewet’etune 


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