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Ethiopian News Daniel Kibret | Eskinder Nega

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When the document outlines the potential for the struggle, it concludes, "If the EPRDF power is to fight in our position, it will only apply for a period of time. If it does, we will not enter the merger party."  This is because the act is "a great betrayal of revolutionary democracy, for the people, and especially for the struggle of the Tigray people."

Therefore, the document states that the Ethiopian Federal Constitutional Front (EPRDF), or "Ethiopian Federal National Front," should stand for alternative fronts.  He emphasizes the importance of accelerating the work that has been started.

The program, strategy and strategy for integrating the EPRDF merger, defines the historical background of the mergers and constituencies, which defines the merger, creates a broad political and ideological framework for the merger, and provides for the formation, organization and construction of the core.

Apart from this, the EPRDF quickly identifies the bodies it creates.  One of these is to undermine our national identity and control all sectors and areas in the name of a party, and it can result in anti-democracy and individual dictatorships.

To avoid this, the EPRDF argues that the problem should be treated in a place where it is ill-thought, not ideological.Political commentators and observers who have commented on the issue say that if the ruling party loses its predecessor, and if the party merges,


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