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tigist Asfaw| host of Enechewawet TV program have her second baby

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Ethiopia:Tigist Asfaw| host of Enechewawet TV program have her second baby

Qin Leboch (Candid heart) Radio Program Created by Fitsum Asfaw a Creator of Yemaleda Kokeboch the First Acting Competition Tv Show in the World this program convey at Fana Fm 98.1 every Wednesday 3:00 pm up to 5:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 AM up To 12:00 AM.

Made by the acclaim Film writer and boss Fitsum Asfaw. You can find the full show on Fana Tv every Sunday …

Bogas film age set up in October 2007 under a genuine assent of the Government of Ethiopia. Since its establishment, the film creation association has been checking out various activities, primarily in the film Industry. So far Bogas film age association has conveyed;

– Qin leboch radio program at fana

– Yemaleda kokeboch", an acting test TV show up on EBS TV, which genuinely suggests " Stars of dawn" since 2014

– "Bechis Tedebiqe", which really suggests " 'concealed in the Smoke" – in 2014

– "Selayochu", which really connotes "The Spies" – in 2013

– Balekelm Hilmoch", which really connotes "Clear Dreams" part – II in 2012

– "Balekelm Hilmoch", which really connotes "Clear Dreams" part – I in 2008

– "Kerefede", which really connotes "When it's past the final turning point" in 2012

– "kegedel Mamito gar wogi", which really connotes "chatting with a resonation" in 2013

– "Eshiruru"/really suggests " … " part – in 2011 showed to the Minister of Health and IFHP

– "Setochin Enakbir"


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