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Egypt asked america to negotiate the nile agreement

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Ustaz Ahmedin Jebel creates observers on Abiy Ahmed's father Ahmed Ali's internment administration at Jemma. as per the Ustaz, the dedication administration capacity of the head administrator father basically held as regular entombment administration like others layman destruction not similarly this the prime minster furthermore dismissed representatives and high specialists of the organization.

Ahmed jebel is the best operator of the Muslim system of the ethiopia

Pioneer Dr. Abiy Ahmed held banters with Ahmedin Jebel and agents of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council (EIASC) and Ethiopian Muslim Arbitration Committee.

PM Abiy Ahmed held a social event yesterday with enemy packs inside the Ethiopian Muslim society with the desire to begin effort to oblige the get-togethers.

Besides, no doubt he had an excellent achievement in getting the get-togethers to chat with each other with the objective to decide their challenge not in the slightest degree like the case by the association of his precursor which was reasonably endeavoring to use one social affair against the other.

A warning gathering is formed, plainly endorsed by the PM himself, to decide the inquiry between the Ethiopian Islamic Affair Council and Committee for the course of action of Ethiopian Muslim Affairs.

The head manager's office officially uncovered that council conferred the two social events staying on the rule of absence of inclination. A report by state media says that from the start the PM met the two get-togethers freely and a short time later they held an assembling. The result was that they gone to a point where they agreed to desert their acrimonies, saying 'sorry to learn' another, as in the custom of Ethiopian culture, and pledge to decide their variations.

Striking from the comprehension is that essentially no outcast will be locked in with the push to decide their inconsistencies.

The committee that is molded to examine for answers for the discussions between them will be drawn from the two social affairs.

It is made out of nine people; three from the two social events and three people from more seasoned people and religious scientists.


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